Mobile First Indexing: More Mobile Means More Relevant

Mobile First Indexing

How many times have you found yourself sitting at a busy restaurant or coffee shop engaged in actual conversation with the people at your table, only to look up and notice that all around you, more than 50% of everyone else there has their heads down, nose deep into their mobile device? That’s largely due to mobile first indexing! 

It may be hard to admit, but sometimes we’re guilty of this shockingly unsocial behavior too. Basking in the glow of the blue light which is oddly mesmerizing at times, and although it may have a negative impact on our healthy sleep habits, the upshot is that zombies tend to have way more time to scour the Internet…which is the reason that Google is taking mobile web sites way more seriously. 

The Mobile First Index is one of Google’s newest ways to serve up more relevant search results, specifically to mobile users. Relevancy ranking is the process of sorting through the results so that those pages that are most likely to be relevant to your query are shown at the top. Being “more relevant” is a key factor to any digital marketing strategy. Search engines consider popular sites, pages and documents with valuable information, quality content, and functional layout to be of greater relevance.  

With mobile first indexing, the colossal search giant selects a certain number of web sites that meet criteria for mobile-friendly design, then use the mobile version of the site to populate the SERP’s (search engine results pages). This is yet another example of Google’s clear focus on user experience, considering that mobile users spend at least two times more minutes online than desktop users. 

At Local Management, we offer customized, personalized brands through integrated strategies – and a responsive design plan that will bring you into the mainstream of mobile-friendly web sites. Our team of designers, programmers and writers come to the table with a global perspective, one that can spark creative energy into success. 

Keeping up in the digital age means being “neoteric” (yes, it’s really a word! you can Google it) because you have to stay current, fresh, original, and brand-new. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it a memorable one! These days being a top-notch Internet marketing company means you have to be a social innovator, a media-savvy marketing warrior, and the architect of some serious advertising genius …wrapped up in branding explosion.  

We can do that! 

Mobile First Indexing: Knowledge is Power 

Even though Sir Francis Bacon wrote that “Knowledge is Power” over 400 hundred years ago in his meditations on human philosophy, it still holds true today. In addition, even though knowledge is most certainly power in the real world, it is perhaps even more so in the digital marketing world. This is why as busy marketers, we absolutely want and need to know how Google’s algorithms will affect the SERP for our clients.  

Mobile first indexing means that the more mobile you are, the more relevant you are; and the more relevant you are, the more mobile you will become. With the ‘mobile first index,’ Google will consider mobile-friendly websites first when deciding how to rank content. If your web site has a mobile-friendly version with responsive design, Google will likely rank you according to how your web site performs on mobile devices. Just how exactly is Google serving up your content to searchers?  For this you need to know a little something about how Google assesses your web site, or in other words, performs “crawling.” 

The first step is understanding how Google selection organizes results, and how they access and store information about online content. A crawler, or an automated bot, views webpages (the automated browser can be referred to as a “spider”) and strips out or removes the HTML text content. This information then goes through a process called “indexing,” which is similar to what happens at your library– there’s got to be a way to index the vast amounts of information coming in. Indexing then stores records of all pages viewed by the spider. It is this database that is being scanned when a user on Google is performing a “search. Keep in mind that spiders are always adding new content to this index so that the index has the most up-to-date information as possible. The reason this is crucial to understand from an SEO standpoint is that if your site isn’t in Google’s index, it cannot appear in search results. 

What Does Google Do with All This Information? 

There’s a search algorithm that is used to sort through and organize this vast database of “spidered” web pages to find and deliver those that the algorithm has determined the most relevant to your search and best answer for your query. 

Up until mobile first indexing, Google only considered a web site’s desktop version when ranking and crawling pages. With mobile device usage at an alltime high (and still growing), that’s no longer going to be the case. This doesn’t mean that your desktop web site no longer exists or gets crawled anymore; searches for a keyword related to your business on a desktop computer will still show the desktop version of your site. 

Go Mobile, Become Visible with Local Management 

If they can find you, they will come. In order to be successful in 2019, your business needs a comprehensive mobile presence with highlyfunctional design platform and an experienced, fully equipped marketing company to maintain it for you. With a custom, mobile marketing strategy from Local Management, your business can reach a larger and potentially untapped marketplace of customers. 

The evolution of technology in our daily life, in addition to social organization, has led to the fact that the modernization of information and communication processes has become the driving force in business, consumerismand even evolution! Becoming more visible will boost your business …and who doesn’t need that?  

At Local Management we recognize that staying one step ahead with technology is important when it comes to offering the highest quality of service. That’s why we make sure to inform our clients about growing trends and the reality of how information is provided.  

Local Management can help you design a responsive website, one that is the same across all devices, enabling a web searcher to get the same information on a tablet or smartphone as they would on a desktop computer. The viewing experience changes without the loss of information, because good, responsive design will have perfect usability on mobile screens.  

Local Management is a premier Internet marketing company based in Boca Raton, FL. Our valued relationships with clients are based on trust and transparency. Clients love to work with us because we get immersed in their world. Our skilled teams of craftsmen and women bring brands to life with original perspectives, intelligent, creative thinking, and ultimately, product that stands out from the rest.  

Some of our many services include: 

  • Local search marketing 
  • Custom website design 
  • Mobile marketing 
  • Pay-per-click management,  
  • Google 360 inside business street view  
  • Social media coordination 
  • SMS-text marketing 
  • Display advertising 
  • PPC 
  • Mobile in-app ads 
  • And much more! 

Call today and learn how mobile marketing from Local Management can help your business grow into its full potential. If you go mobile, you will become more relevant and visible. These days the most innovative companies are implementing mobile marketing to their strategy. Now you can too. 

Have a question or comment about mobile first indexing and what Local management can do for you? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.  

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