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Urgent Care Clinics


October 13, 2020

Client Name

Urgent Care Clinics

Project Type

Trusted Local SEO Program

Business Objective

Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic is a healthcare clinic that breaks down the barriers for those who need healthcare access in a short window of time. This clinic does much to serve the community, including services that range from annual shots, physical exams, x-rays, and more. Customers can simply walk into the clinic, and be seen within a short time, typically less than 1 hour. There are also options for appointments, for those who find themselves in a rush.

The Challenge

Though this clinic served as an asset to the community, Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic’s only issue is that the community does not know that they are a local resource. People, instead, were following the status quo of getting basic services at their primary care doctor’s office.

However, to reach a broader audience, Local Management, located in Delray Beach, has worked side by side with Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic to make this resource known to more people. Local Management specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), website maintenance, social media marketing, and e-commerce marketing. This partnership has been, thus far, going successfully for one year now, starting in June 2019 and continuing to this day, July 2020. Despite this continued partnership, the results have been evaluated after one year, showing that Local Management’s efforts have been successful.

Our Strategy

After examination of Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic’s current website, Local Management found that some clear areas needed improvement. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the key to reaching audiences who need your services and was something that Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic was not utilizing to the fullest extent.

Local Management researched the proper keywords that would allow for Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic to show up in their target audience’s search results. With these keywords established, and a strong SEO title, meta description, and image, ranking higher in the search engine results were made easy. Another component that assisted was content creation.


  • Intelligent blogs on Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic’s services, expertise, and related topics were added to the website with well research keywords attached to them. This allowed for information to be directly available to consumers, while also boosting the search rank on Google. After only 1 year of Local Management’s efforts, Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic ranked on the 1st page of Google search results for over 70 keywords.
  • Search engine optimization is also a necessary component for businesses looking to see an increase in visits to their website. The more traffic to the website, the more likely that traffic will be mimicked in the clinic. With the improved SEO strategy and added content creation, Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic’s website traffic for 1 month was increased by 728.57%.
  • Resulting in the publics’ increased awareness of the clinic and its many services. Now that customers were aware of the services and facility so readily available to them, Local Management knew they had to make corrections on the website so customers could easily locate the clinic. Old listings were cleaned up and corrected. Along with this, the address was adjusted to increase the customer’s success in finding the clinic. With the continued efforts of Local Management, Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic will be able to constantly rank on the 1st page of Google and receive a steady increase in foot traffic.


With the continued efforts of Local Management, Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic will be able to constantly rank on the 1st page of Google and receive a steady increase in foot traffic.

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