Business Objective

As a new business marijuana dispensary practice needed to scale quickly. In order to achieve enough sales of product every month, the staff must be consistently receiving a steady stream of leads from potential customers inquiring about their products. The #1 goal of their digital marketing campaign was to drive leads via organic and local search in the form of online form fill submissions, phone calls, and driving directions.They engaged with us on our Local Search program to get more traffic, increase web presence and accurate, optimized listings on Google, Yelp and dozens of additional directories.

Business prime objectives were:

  • Increase organic presence for relevant keywords to drive organic traffic to their website.
  • Optimize website to make sure that the organic traffic is being driven to the site and is converting via form fills and phone calls.
  • Increase local search presence on mobile devices to drive leads via driving directions, phone calls, as well as additional traffic to their website.

The Challenge

Over the last couple of years, this vertical became a very crowded space to do business. With over 20 competitors in a 15-mile radius the business needed to find a way to achieve organic local listings. Fast.