How to Use Pay Per Click Marketing in Delray Beach Effectively?

August 12, 2021
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One of the challenges when doing any advertising is creating an ad that reaches out to your target audience effectively. 

Statistics show that using pay-per-click advertising can increase recognition and brand awareness. According to Vitality, pay-per-click marketing leads to a 300% increase in traffic from people searching for a particular product or service. 

PPC advertising shows the target ad to the person searching the Internet or on social media, and they click thru to the website. Using this form of marketing is challenging, as you should follow specific practices to increase your effectiveness. Here are several ways to enhance your pay-per-click advertising to get the best results. 

Ad Selection

You can choose the ads for PPC marketing in Delray Beach, with the selection depending on how you are targeting the message. You have four options available through Google and the other search engines to include search, display, app, and video ads.

The search ads are when you type in the keywords when doing a search; your information, the meta tag, and URL address appear. Google and the other search engines (such as Bing) give you the option of paying for specific keywords. Every time someone clicks on your ad and goes to the website, you will be charged a preselected amount. 

Display ads are banners that appear on Google’s different platforms such as Gmail, YouTube, and the search engine. 

The app ads are created for Google Play and reach out to your target audience on the different platforms. The ad appears in the person’s location and can do local search marketing in Delray Beach. 

Video ads are where an advertisement runs at the beginning or end of a video showing on YouTube. The ad focuses on something of interest to the person by placing them with specific videos. 

You want to think about the ad selection and how you will reach out to the target audience. Knowing what avenues to go are the best options for connecting with the audience and doing so in ways that help your traffic to grow organically. 

Local Management can help in determining which ad will produce the most effective results for you. We specialize in pay-per-click marketing and know what to do to increase the traffic and sales on your website. 


Next, you want to think about the platform you are using for your PPC  marketing in Delray Beach. You have several choices to generate results depending on who you are trying to reach to include Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Google is the most common form of pay-per-click marketing, and we discussed the different options for how your ad will display. 

Facebook lets you place ads on the newsfeed, sponsored links, and post for areas of interest. You have the option of setting the ad to a specific demographic, budget, format, and objectives (such as website/store visits and brand awareness). Facebook places these ads to the different areas of interest and charges you when someone clicks on them. 

Twitter and Pinterest work similarly to Facebook’s PPC marketing by allowing you to target the ad to specific audiences. The differences are these ads let you choose multiple categories such as engagement, followers, website traffic, and areas of interest. Your ad goes to those posts and newsfeeds that match these categories. Both are a little more targeted than Facebook and enable you to create ads to reach out to specific segments. 

Contact Us Today

Local Management has experience in creating PPC campaigns that are effective on all of these platforms. We can reach a specific audience and help you to improve your following within the community. 

These are a few of the things you should think about when doing a pay per click marketing in Delray Beach. Call Local Management today at 561-782-6951 and ask about our free website review. 

Our team can help you build the website, with search engine optimization, content creation, blogging, and advertising. We are here to make sure you are successful online and are ready to give you the most effective assistance in reaching your goals. Our Delray Beach office is off of US 1, near the North Dixie Highway. 

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