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Email marketing is one of best ways to connect with your website visitors in order to build an engaging relationship with them and converting them into customers! If you have been looking for the best email marketing service that has all the features that you need, Local Management should be your first choice. Each company that offers email marketing as part of a digital marketing strategy has its own unique set of features and is crucial for the success of your business. We know there’s a lot of information out there but there’s no reason to feel overwhelmed, Local Management has got your back!

Email marketing is a great way to get your message across

Whether you’re a blogger and want to give your readers regular updates or you’re a business trying to generate more leads. Email marketing with Local Management also allows us to create targeted and personalized messages. With Local Management email marketing, there’s no need to stress or worry about email marketing details in order to get your message straight into the inbox of the people you want to see it.
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Building Business Loyalty

If you have a website of any kind that has traffic by viewers and potential customers then you need to do email marketing. Email marketing gives you the ability to contact your visitors even after they have left your website. Email marketing is quite simply the act of sending a business or a business related message to a group of people using email. These emails could involve sending advertisements, requests for business, soliciting of sales and/or donations. The main success of email marketing is actually part of branding; it is meant to increase trust and loyalty to your business or brand, as well as brand awareness

Strengthening Client Relationships

Email marketing with Local Management is all about encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business. Marketing of any kind is about establishing and nurturing relationships. At Local Management we have found email marketing highly useful for the purpose of enhancing our clients relationships with current and previous customers. Sending information about your products or services via email marketing is a fast, flexible and very cost-effective way of reaching new customers as well as retaining existing customers because it encourages repeat website visits.
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Email marketing at Local Management

With email marketing at Local Management we can customize your email messages based on behaviors like cart abandonment, first-time users, returning website visitors and people who have clicked a link on your site. Marketing emails can be sent to your current customer database or to leads for acquiring new customers, it all depends on the unique email marketing strategy customized for each client. The Local Management digital marketing team can expertly identify and follow a plan of action that will give your business a direct channel of communication with potential prospects and customers for consistent brand promotion. Our email marketing strategies carry the extra benefit of allowing us to help you identify and keep track of your returns on investment (ROI) in order to measure and improve efficacy!

Benefits of doing Email Marketing with Local Management:

Transactional emails are created based on a customer’s interaction with a company. Although the primary purpose of a transactional email is to convey the information regarding the action that started it, these emails have high open rates compared to email newsletters. Transactional emails are a good opportunity to either introduce or extend your email relationships with your customers or subscribers.

Did you know that repeat visitors to your website are more likely to convert into customers, comparatively to first-time visitors. Research shows that it usually takes 3 to 4 visits to your website for your potential customers to make a commitment to doing business with you.

You know that according to analytics that email conversions usually outperform social and organic search traffic conversion to customers.

There are several different types of emails, there are:

Did you know that statistically speaking approximately seventy percent of website visitors who leave your website never return. This is why when you build an email list, with email capture features, you are building a connection with your visitors by collecting their email addresses and sending them your valuable content.
Direct emails involve sending an email with the sole purpose to communicate a promotional message such as a special offer, event or a product catalog. Direct emails are usually acquired by collecting a list of customer or prospect email addresses to send direct promotional messages.
Opt-in email advertising is also known as permission marketing and it is basically advertising via email whereby the recipient of the digital advertisement has consented to receive it.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking to make sales, then you need to start email marketing with Local Management.

Our email marketing features are powerful and affordable for businesses of all sizes, whether you’re a blogger, local business, or a company with off-the-charts growth. Find out more about email marketing with Local management call (561)-782-6951 today!
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