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Video Marketing with Local Management

The use of online videos is continuing to grow in popularity and importance, which means that it’s vital to stay on top of the latest advances and statistics in order to create a strong, competitive, digital video marketing strategy. Video marketing is a highly-effective form of content delivery, and its increased popularity has gone hand-in-hand with the rise of social media. Even though almost every single one of us consume online videos on a daily basis, there are still marketers who aren’t using videos as part of their digital marketing strategy, or they are they are not using it correctly. Statistically speaking, videos increase your website visitors’ time they will spend on your website, helping to build brand awareness and trust. It’s akin to having your very own commercial – but a lot cheaper and even more effective.

Increase Brand Awareness

Are you wondering whether it’s worth investing more for a video marketing campaign? We live in a very fast-paced world, and most people have a very short attention span. Working with this knowledge, the digital marketing experts at Local Management have discovered that video marketing is your ticket to better leads, more sales, and lifelong customers. According to current statistics, 72% of consumers prefer video content to text when learning about a product or service online. Even more important for the world of digital marketing, 83% of consumers say they would share a great video about a business. If video marketing is a guaranteed way to increase brand awareness, engagement and ROI, maybe it’s time to upgrade your digital presence with Local Management’s industry-leading video marketing services.
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Video Campaigns

At Local Management, we provide a highly-skilled team of video editors, managers, photographers, writers, designers, and animators to take care of every aspect of your digital marketing video campaign. We can do everything from managing client YouTube channels and creating SEO-targeted website videos to making company profile videos. We can target a specific location and optimize keywords, making them some of the most searchable online and promote your videos as part of your social media advertising campaign.

Animated Videos

Our Local Management video marketing team is also uniquely capable of making increasingly popular custom animations and cartoons. These kinds of marketing videos follow the same format as the SEO videos, and are highly effective at highlighting your company’s greatest strengths when it comes to SEO.
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Local Management is here to increase your businesses performance

No matter if you just want to increase your brand exposure online, generate more calls and leads from your website, or provide product reviews and “how-to” videos, Local Management is here to increase your businesses performance and ROI with the best:

Benefits of doing Video Marketing with Local Management:

Human beings are bombarded with sensory overload on a daily basis, and have actually come to depend on that! We are also visual creatures, and being inundated with digital eye candy has actually changed the landscape of marketing forever. According to recent studies, 72% of people prefer videos over text online, when they are presented on the same page. Why do consumers prefer to learn about a service or product via videos more than just text? While watching a video may not necessarily be a lot faster than reading a text description, videos not only stimulate the senses but they offer online visitors a chance to actually see and experience the benefits of what is offered.

Businesses are using video marketing services now more than ever to captivate audiences and drive leads and sales, because of its powerful effect. Local Management clients who are reaping the benefits of our video marketing expertise are already asking for more! Google seems to like to display a variety of media in search results, making videos an even better way to rank higher. Why? Because in addition to being engaging, videos are a great way of increasing brand awareness and driving potential customers to your social media pages or websites.

Next to Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine out there, which means an immediate increase in business with one simple video. The increased ROI happens because consumers like to feel like they are active participants. In fact, 53% of consumers like to engage with a brand after viewing a video on social media. When it comes to our Millennials, who make up the number one demographic for online users these days, this engagement figure increases, going up to 66% engaging with a brand after watching a video on their social media feed.

The benefits of video marketing are not just about engagement on social media, either. Studies show that the current trend toward video also plays an important role for the online shopping experience. Web users these days will look at a video before visiting an online store. In fact, recent data shows that 79% of consumers prefer watching a video to reading about a product before they buy it!

Why Your Business Needs Multiple Online Videos

Adding videos to your marketing campaign for your website and social media platforms can help any business increase visitor engagement, build their trust and your credibility, and drive leads to conversions from your digital properties; which is why you need more than one marketing video! Creating more than one marketing video is actually an affordable way to enhance the appeal of your website and more effectively present your sales pitch, product, or service.

There are quite a few types of videos that you can use to get your video marketing campaign with Local Management to start working for you:

These can be videos that show how and why your company stands out from your competitors.
With a video backed by a strong guarantee, you can help turn a viewer into a customer.
These videos share your best reviews and testimonials, which rank higher than any others.
These videos instill trust, personalizing your brand and create authenticity.
What would you like the viewer to do next? A clear call to action video
Next to reviews these are the most popular and earn the most attention on Google.
These help viewers, especially in the health and wellness industry to feel connected, valued and well informed.

Local Management video marketing experts have a proven track record for creating engaging videos for all types of video marketing campaigns

These include social media videos, website videos, and all kinds of video advertising. If you want unique, relevant, and useful videos that stand out by truly captivating your audience, we’re the video marketing company for you. Call (561)-782-6951 today!
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