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Drug Rehab Center Marketing

Drug Rehab Center Marketing

Today, the United States in gripped in a crisis that is unlike any other experience in its history. For the first time, there were more deaths from injuries incurred as the result of drugs than resulting from vehicular accidents. Drug use is on the rise with 9.4 percent of Americans admitting that they used an illegal drug within the last month. This means that 24.6 million Americans, according to 2013 data released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, are using illicit drugs during any given month. This increase in drug use — and the subsequent rise in deaths associated with such use — has also caused the demand for drug treatment centers to skyrocket as well.

Along With Demand, Comes Competition

At this point in time, the competition for those individuals who are seeking help with their addiction is stiff indeed. Every drug rehab center is chasing after the same small pool of keywords in an effort to stand out among the crowd and be seen by loved ones who are searching for the right facility for their child. Ranking for those specific keywords means that a website must beat out tens of thousands of other similar facilities since there are only ten such listings that make it to the first page of search engine results. Once a drug treatment center lands there, though, it does not mean that their conversion rate is guaranteed to be as prolific as they like. Instead, they most likely will experience a high bounce rate in that even if a concerned parent clicks on a link to their alcohol rehab center, their visit will last only seconds.
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Drug Rehab Marketing

A Strategy That Goes Beyond Keywords

Today’s search engines go far beyond simply looking for relevant keywords when it comes to indexing and ranking websites. Through its updates, search engine giant, Google, has made it abundantly clear that its spiders will be looking for informative content that offers value to the searcher. During one such update, for example, Google began returning results to searchers that attempted to understand the nuances of what is behind their requests. This is the search engine’s attempt to deliver more targeted websites to the user. It was also designed to eliminate many of the websites who used deceptive tactics such as bait-and-switch as a method of driving traffic.
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A Well-Rounded Approach

While keywords are an important factor in bringing parents to a drug treatment center, a well-rounded approach that offers real value and information to visitors is a better strategy. A website that not only looks visually pleasing but that is laid out in a clean and uncluttered manner encourages people to explore it. Strong content that is full of expert information and that is updated on an ongoing basis is necessary to keep visitors clicking and learning while encouraging them to make contact. Targeted advertising campaigns that are focused and viable means that the right people see a drug treatment center’s website. Another element is the installation of the right SEO tools to monitor, assess and tweak the strategy as necessary. If you have a treatment center, and are looking for more leads online, call Local Management today: Call Us.

Targeted Advertising

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