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Maybe you already know that you have to have a social media profile for your business. But did you know that consumers today will scroll right past social media posts that are not relevant, eye-catching and brand connected? In order to thrive, you’ve got to think like the hive – and hive mentality on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others provide a window of opportunity for expanding and boosting your business.

Social Media Engagement

At Local Management, we love to help our clients claim the best marketing campaign with social media marketing services that take the guesswork out of social media strategy and put the focus on success. There has been heated debate over the years about social media marketing and management, and any correlation with business expansion – and it’s not simply about getting more likes or shares. It turns out that social media campaigns are without a doubt, a positive piece of the marketing pie. They provide the leverage that can catapult you into higher rankings.

At Local Management, we focus on several areas of social media marketing:

Social Media Marketing

Marketing package

For many businesses, reputation is key. One of the most beneficial and sometimes damaging aspects of the internet is the availability for people to leave questions, comments and reviews of a company. For a restaurant, one negative review could be incredibly damaging to potential customers giving it a shot. Local Management is well versed in combating negative reviews and highlighting positive ones. It only takes one negative review to turn off a potential customer, so make sure your business is well represented with a marketing package from Local Management.

How Social Media Marketing With Local Management Can Help You

Local Management aims to provide the best social media marketing campaigns with STEP-BY-STEP strategies, with a proven track record.

Our first step is to complete a competitive market analysis that is specific to your service area or industry. Social media analytics and reporting are an essential part of beginning any social media marketing plan to make sure that you are on the right track. Local Management can provide customized social media analytics, with community demographics and engagement reports. By analyzing content and messaging through market analysis, we can ascertain how to craft a successful campaign for you.
After this careful analysis, our social media writers are perfectly positioned to get busy researching and writing high-interest content, scheduling and posting regularly for optimum advantage, and monitoring interactions and community engagement. Managing and monitoring your social media posts and reputation is a very important part of the Local Management social media package. Negative comments greatly affect search engine ranking and can damage your businesses ability to attract new clients.
Our social media experts will monitor your social media reviews, feedback, engagement, and brand mentions across all social media platforms. This kind of brand monitoring is a helpful tool for assessments, since customers expressing their opinions both negatively and positively provide a guideline for planning and strategy. By continuously monitoring the Internet for mentions of your business in blogs, reviewing sites, and social networks, we can provide the best reputation management for your business to thrive online.
Our next step is to create engaging, paid social media advertising campaigns across all of your social media platforms. Local Management knows these paid social media campaigns are comparatively low-cost to run, and are an excellent way to specifically target the audience that you want to reach.

Lastly, Local Management takes steps to continuously track you social campaigns and amplify our efforts with website integration. Tracking allows us to optimize your businesses audience, engagement rates, click-through-rate, and leads, as well as your ROI on paid social campaigns. Website integration with social media campaigns is an integral part of our success-driven strategies. The expert team of designers and marketing engineers have integrations such as installation of social widgets on websites, website social feeds, and even social media buttons for easy use and navigation.

According to statistics, on average there are 1.59 billion people on Facebook daily and considered “daily active users” (Facebook DAU). There is an increase in this number year after year because Facebook represents an ever-evolving marketing forum, and therefore is a very important communication channel. Local Management can help you to determine how much you want to pay per click or per impressions. Facebook advertising campaigns allow for text and photos to be displayed as your advertisements, and have been shown to increase your return on investment (ROI) and lead to greater marketing success. Advertising where potential clients are spending their time helps to easily target based on interests and location.

After Facebook, YouTube is another large search engine, and drives a larger adult audience than any other network. Advertising campaigns on YouTube with Local Management is a way to get your story and brand in front of potential customers. The aim of our captivating headline content is to grab the attention of potential customers and highlight the products or services you are promoting. We can pick the location(s) where you want your ads to show, specifying countries, regions and cities. Then when they click on your ads, we can tie your website to your online video marketing goals.

All of the efforts made by the experienced team at Local Management provide time-tested and promising opportunities in social media marketing for any business. Are you already investing in some kind of social media marketing services with another company, or are you trying to do it on your own? Contact us today and ask about our audits for social media.

Local Management can help you jump on the social media bandwagon and get your name out to the masses.

We can provide you with a detailed performance profile to see how your social media campaigns are performing, and show you how our Local Management team can improve your social media marketing strategy! Call us today (561)-782-6951
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