Mortgage Company

Business Objective

Home buying and financing can seem daunting and stressful to potential home buyers. The main goal of this mortgage company’s marketing campaign was to attract potential clients who were thinking of purchasing a home, while making the process of being approved for a mortgage seem easy by hiring them.


June 24, 2020

Client Name

Mortgage Company

Project Type

Trusted Local SEO Program

The Challenge

Our main challenge was to build an engaging marketing strategy that sounded both informed and easy to understand.

  • This way, when a buyer was thinking of purchasing a home, it seemed like the best and easiest option to get pre-approved for a mortgage with our mortgage company client.
  • Our goal was to help potential home buyers find our mortgage company and contact them to help them get started making their financial decisions.

Our Strategy

Our strategy involved creating a strong organic presence that would allow potential home buyers to easily find our client for a wide variety of searches. Long tail keywords, question keywords, and basic keywords like “mortgage” were all targeted using content creation. In addition to continual content creation, we also designed a mobile friendly and easy-to-navigate website with an in-depth FAQ page and prominent calls to action. This way, when potential customers did find our client, they were able to find unique and helpful content and easily contact them.



Our aggressive content creation worked, our client now ranks first page for over 100 different keywords in three cities, and has been able to obtain leads through online organic strategies without having any paid ad campaigns.


Next Steps

Our next step is to completely own the first page of search results. While our mortgage company client has seen amazing results using only organic strategies, they are ready to take the next step and begin running paid ad campaigns so that they can appear in paid searches as well as organic. We will be continuing our organic campaign, all while running paid ads in Google and social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.