Plastic Surgery Industry

Business Objective

Anyone can browse through the internet and see that image is becoming more of a focal point for our society. Plastic surgery is also becoming more popular, thus causing an increase in online searches for plastic surgeons. So, it’s no surprise that industry professionals are searching to see what works best for internet marketing for plastic surgeons. Because cosmetic services often have a longer sales cycle, plastic surgeons need to have an internet marketing strategy that will not only help target people interested in their services but also help turn those people into future clients. That’s where we come in!

Here at Local Management, we understand that image is everything for a plastic surgeon. Not only does image fuel their industry, but image is what helps plastic surgeons continue to get new clients with internet marketing. We offer internet marketing for plastic surgeons that includes services like web design, SEO and more. These internet marketing options for plastic surgeons not only help you establish a consistent brand image, but they also help you continue to attract new clients. The success or lack thereof, of internet marketing for plastic surgeons is largely impacted by the brand image your visitors see when they visit your website.

The fact of the matter is, bounce rates increase by 50% if your website takes an extra 2 seconds to load. This means users will leave your site without ever reading your information if it simply loads too slow. So, a huge part of internet marketing for plastic surgeons and maintaining a positive brand image is having an updated website. Not only that, but leads generated from search engines have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads have a close rate of 1.7%! This is another huge factor in internet marketing for plastic surgeons because it means that your website needs to be optimized to show on the first page of search engines. Otherwise, your business’s website will be buried under your competitors.


January 9, 2020

Client Name

Plastic Surgery Clinic

Project Type

Internet Marketing

Our Strategy

We designed a unique internet marketing strategy, tailored to the individual needs of a plastic surgery practice. We were tasked to create an aesthetically pleasing website that successfully showcased before and after images, client testimonials, and a full portfolio of services offered.


We also needed to increase organic web traffic and conversions, which we achieved by implementing the following strategies:

Designed a website with an attractive and simplistic display to make it clear to users the procedures offered and how they could benefit from scheduling a consultation.
Performed extensive keyword research to target the most popularly searched procedures through SEO and content creation.
Updated website with informative copy to attract new customers who were actively searching online.
Created custom contact forms to target specific services and procedures to site visitors.
Added SEO tools to monitor, assess and tweak the strategy as necessary.
Implemented email marketing campaigns to target past and existing patients with exclusive sales and updates.



Within 90 days of implementing our internet marketing strategy, our plastic surgeon client has seen unparalleled results that have led to an increase in revenue and clientele. Almost immediately, organic keyword rankings improved drastically. Within 4 weeks, the term “Plastic Surgeon” moved up 38 spots in Google to rank #3 organically.


Next Steps

With a successful organic presence online, the Plastic Surgeon is expanding his marketing to include targeted social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Organic traffic to the website is up 21.15%
  • Google My Business has seen an increase in discovery search traffic, with 4,452 new searchers discovering the listing in one month
  • The website appears on the first page for over 338 search keywords and queries