Regional Home Builder

Business Objective

It can be tough to build a quality reputation and stay aligned as the market grows and changes dynamically. A regional homebuilder was finding it challenging to ensure they maintained their status and kept attracting clients in their desired price point as well as
reaching their audience with Pay Per Click advertising. Located in a hyper competitive market, they estimated that they were only in front of 30% of potential buyers on Google, Bing & Yahoo.


January 25, 2019

Client Name

Regional Home Builder

Project Type

Trusted PPC Program

The Challenge

After several months and multiple agencies, Local Management was brought in to perform a complimentary PPC audit. When they came to Local Management, they were looking for a way to revamp their online profile and develop a strong Digital Marketing strategy that could deliver high qualified leads on a large scale. What we discover, immediately showed many opportunities for improvement.

Regional Home Builder

Our Strategy

We designed our unique digital marketing strategy, tailored specifically to the needs of home builder. Our objectives: generate qualified traffic, boost conversion rates, and draw 15-30 leads per month. To achieve those, our team did a kick-off and implemented the following digital marketing solutions

Developed a content marketing strategy around strategic keywords that would draw in qualified leads at ideal points in the buyer’s journey.
Created targeted website content, conversion optimization, calls-to-action, and landing pages.
Created strategic blog content to draw qualified leads into workflows
Developed detailed geographic targeting, using bid adjustments based on the biggest feeder markets.
Finally implemented a remarketing campaign, with highly-targeted Google AdWords, psychographic & demographic user overlays. This along with new creative, new keywords & new campaigns had an immediate impact.


Within 60 days of implementing our unique digital marketing strategy, our home builder client has seen remarkable results that ultimately led to increased revenue and boost in client list. Our digital marketing strategy delivers exceptional results for custom home builders targeting a sophisticated, high-end client.

In this case study alone, we exceeded our metric objectives:

boosted conversion rates, and most importantly, delivered qualified sales leads to generate revenue for the Home builder team, proving the quality ROI that comes with an investment in the Local Management Digital Marketing strategy.

  • Average of 25 sales leads per month, and a min. of one sales lead every single business day.
  • Search Share of Voice went from 33% to 80%.
  • The conversion rate increased from 6% to 28%.
Local SEO Wellington, FL

Next Steps

The builder has increased staff to follow up on the new lead volume and is launching a Facebook ad campaign with our recommended triple overlay targeting to reach additional prospective homebuyers.