Commercial Cleaning Marketing during COVID-19

Join Us on April 13th to Learn How You Can Use Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business During COVID-19.

As many of you know, COVID-19 has quickly impacted the economy and how we navigate through both our personal lives and our business lives. As Commercial Cleaning Professionals, you may have found yourself in a rut in terms of how you can effectively market your business during this time.

Our Commercial Cleaning Webinar will feature the following Speakers:
– Stephen Bland, Marketing Development
Local Management
– Anurag Chadha, CIO
Local Management
– Lee Wright
Restoration and Sanitation Expert
– Shashi Mohan, COO
Local Management
We Will Cover the Following:
–Why the Commercial Cleaning Industry Will Continue to be in High Demand
– How COVID-19 Will Impact the Cleaning Needs of Apartments + Housing Businesses
– How You Can Prepare for the Influx of Business During COVID-19 and After
– How You Can Attract Businesses Now and Engage The for Future Business
–What Digital Marketing Tools & Resources Will Be Most Beneficial to Your Commercial Cleaning Business
–How You Can Use Your This Marketing Marketing Strategy to Acquire Business in the Future

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